ForzaStone® Illumination Series™ - Translucent Natural Stones

Introducing ForzaStone®'s Revolutionary new product line - The Illumination Series™

Illumination Series 

Through a revolutionary patented process using the most beautiful natural onyx slabs from around the world, ForzaStone® has created a way for architects and designers to use these luxurious stones in ways that were previously impossible. Due to the fragility of raw onyx slabs, it can be extremely expensive to install and designers have been limited with the sizes of the slabs that are available, but not anymore. Created by Mother Nature and enhanced by ForzaStone these natural stone 'works of art' can now be used on a broad range of applications. The Illumination panels are in sizes as large as 96"x60". They are only 14mm thick and when used in back-lighting applications the specialized support backer diffuses the light for an even light distribution while at the same time providing 300% greater luminosity. The panels are 85% lighter than traditional slabs and are now 1000% stronger allowing for versatility in design and application.

Other colors available via Special Order. Contact ForzaStone for details.

Bamboo Onyx
Honey Onyx
Tiger Onyx
White Flower Onyx

See stone before & after applying Back Lighting.